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Contém: Parte 9-Bibliographia Alemquerense
In accordance with the resolution adopted at the XI th General Assembley of I.U.G.G., 1967, the program of magnetic surveys on sea has been progressed in japan. For the aeromagnetic survey on sea, an airborne magnetometer with saturable inductor was developed by the Tohoku University team of the writers, and was put to pratical surveys in Boso-district in February, 1958, around O Sima Island (Izu) area in July, 1958, and in the Izu Syoto (Islands) in August, 1959. The results of the first and second surveys were reported previosusly. The third survey was carried out by "Beachcraft no 502" of the Maritime Safety Board, with flight elevation of 3000 m above the sea level, measuring the vertical component of the earth's magnetic field to clarify that the most remarkable anomaly was associated with volcanoes on the Izu Syoto.
Texto em Português e Japonês
Sep. "O Século Cristão do Japão", Actas do Coloquio Internacional Comemorativo dos 450 anos de amizade Portugal-Japao
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