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A recuperação económica da Argélia não se anuncia auspiciosa, embora o consumo tenha aumentado.
Assassínios de cientistas, ataques cibernéticos e sanções económicas estão a afetar o programa cuclear iraniano. Ao ponto de levar os dirigentes a reconsiderar a sua estratégia.
1 ex. pert. ao Alm. Sarmento Rodrigues
This book is designed as text book for advanced undergraduate macroeconomic theory courses. It draws together the central ideas in what is referred to as the New Kenesian Macroeconomics and sets them in dialogue with the New Claáical Macroeconomics. The key organizing argument in the text is that the major disputes in macroecnomics turn on the different ways of modelling time and social interdependence. In particular, the New Kenesians draw attention to the multiple macroeconomic equilibria that arise when economies are set in historical time and when social interdependence is best captured by imperfectly competitive microfoundations. In this context the behaviour of the economy depends critically on the conventions and institutions which embody them because they aid equilibrium selection. The principal strenghts of the text are the discuáion of the recent literature on multuple rational expectations equilibria; the connection between equilibrium selection and institutional context; game theoretic discuáion of social interdependence, particularly with respect to wage and price formation; and the analysis of debates over both demand and supply side activism. As the first textbook to develop the New Kenesian Macroeconomics, the book will be widely used on second and third year undergraduate courses on macroeconomics. It will also serve as a text for advanced undergraduate courses which integrate micro and macro in general equilibrium theory.
Com o apoio de : Instituto para a Cooperação Económica (ICE). Centro de Estudos sobre África (CESA/ISEG).
Conferência proferida no Liceu de D. Manuel II, no dia 20 de Novembro de 1964, na sessao inaugural do V Curso de Estudos Ultramarinos realizado no Porto.; Separata da Revista Ultramar (Lisboa), Nº 17, vol. V (Nº 1), 1964
Tit. orig.: Introduction à la politique économique
Tit. orig.: Principles of economics; Traduçao da 3.ª ediçao norte-americana